Are The Futurama Voice Actors Back??

They're back if you believe what was printed in the Toronto Star. According to the article the casting call that Fox sent out about voice actors was nothing more than a bargaining ploy.

The Star reports that the voice actors signed a new contract after weeks of rather intense salary negotiation.

As late as last week, the network was threatening to replace the original voices of Matt Groening's cult-hit cartoon, to the point of actually announcing a casting call for voice actors to replace them.
The compromise agreement, with the studio paying more and the actors accepting less, comes after the announcement of a 26-episode pick-up here by Comedy Central.

The producers downplayed any reports of recasting at this years San Diego Comic Con. Yet it looks like, without any kind of official confirmation, that the cast is back. Let's be honest, it's not Futurama without them.


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