Cobra Commander FAIL

There are times when you go back and watch old episodes of shows that you used to love, and they just don't add up anymore. Like old episodes of ThunderCats. You sit and wonder you ever sat through this.

But when you hear that they are making your childhood into a feature film you get excited. A update. A new take on something you loved. Then something like Transformers comes out and your expectations are thrown in the toilet. Michael Bay has made a mockery of something you grew up with.

Then the word comes down the pipeline that a G.I. Joe live action feature is in the works, and Bay is nowhere near. You get excited. Your faith restored. Stephen Sommers directing? Well god damn, I loved The Mummy. This is going to be great.

Then that picture to the left is released. Yes. Not only is Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing Cobra Commander, but THAT is what he looks like. Everything falls apart.

I guess the point of this blog. This rant, this rambling is, leave the past where it's at. Leave well enough alone. Let me have my memories as they are. Stop shoving crap down my throat and trying to pass it off as cool and hip. For shame Hollywood. For shame.

and people wonder why I watch so much BBC...


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