From August 7th to September 10th of 480 BC, the Greeks and the Persians waged a historic and epic battle at Thermopylae. The Greeks took a stand to stop the Persian war machine from going on to take Athens.

In 1998, Frank Miller wrote a comic called "300" based on that same battle. Showcasing the last stand of King Leonidas and his 300 spartan warriors.

In 2007, Zack Snyder directed the film adaptation of the comic staring Gerard Butler.

Now according to the Hollywood Insider Risky Business Blog, Frank Miller is putting his Batman vs Al-Qaeda comic on the back burner to work on the graphic novel that will be a follow up to 300 and will serve as the basis for a Zack Snyder sequel to the 300 film.

There hasn't been any kind of announcement as to whether or not this is a direct sequel to 300 or a prequel.

How about a Sin City sequel first? Is that something we can do? There are more stories to tell there. If you make a sequel to the story of the 300, you kind of cheapen what they stood for. Again, that's just me.


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