We Need Your Help!

Hey gang,

Ron here. We love making these short films and I'm sure that if you are here reading this, you love watching them. This is where we need your help. Certain things have come up in regards to production on the new short film, "BETA TESTING", and we need to take care of them long before production.

The point I'm trying to make is this; We have no issues with giving away the content that we shoot. We love hearing your feedback and appreciate all the support we've gotten from the internet community.

If you even just liked one of our shorts now's the chance to help us. There is a donate button on the side of the page and we could really use any kind of donation that you could spare. We know times are tough, but anything you could give would be really appreciated.

If you can't give, at least share this with someone. Our goal is $300. I know that with your support we can meet this. If someone donates a large amount, we can work out something in return like signed props or scripts, or you can see the short before anyone else and be listed IN the short as a producer.

So internet family, we look to you. We need your help. Thank you.