Could This Be Thor's Daddy??


This is Brian Blessed. He may not look like anyhting to you, but I remember him as Black Adder's father in the original Black Adder series. I also remember him from his pivitol role in the 1980 classic, Flash Gordon, where he played Prince Vultan of the Hawkmen.

Why is any of this relevant? Well there is a rumor going around that there are talks for Mr Blessed to play the God of Thunder's Dad, Odin. If this is true, he is the PERFECT choice for the role. He is loud, and full of life (and a mouth full of teeth). You can't help but feel good after watching something that has been in. I give you proof in the form of a YouTube video.

and if that's not enough, here he is doing snooker commentary:

So I give you, Brian Blessed. Do YOU think he is Odin?


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