Who Watches The Watchmen...Again?

I watched the Watchmen. I wish I hadn't. That's just something that I can't take back. However there are those out there that did enjoy the film enough to warrant a purchase of the DVD.

The cut that you saw in theaters comes out on July 21st. I hope that after you read this you will hold off on that purchase until say, at least December.

The reason for that is because after this cut of Watchmen is released to the stores, another cut will be ushered out for our DVD players, the Watchmen: Director's Cut. The fun doesn't stop there though. Then come around December, the Watchmen: Ultimate Collector's Edition, a 5 disc set that will feature a new edit of the film (thats 3 in 9 months. yeah, I know)that will include Tales of the Black Freighter animated footage mixed with the live action movie. The other discs are made up of special features including the already released Behind the Hood and Motion Comic version of the graphic novel.

The real question that I have is this. For a film that didn't really do well in the box office, and didn't do well amongst it's target audience, why shove 3 different cuts of the same film down our throats? I will give the Ultimate Collectors Edition the benefit of the doubt and check it out once it comes out. If I am wrong, I will admit it. Until December though, I have a lot of time to be proven wrong.


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