Edward Norton In The Avengers?

Marvel's President of Production Kevin Feige has said that he'd like to see The Hulk in The Avengers and said at the San Diego Comic-Con that "it's safe to assume that there will be some members of the Hulk universe" in the movie as well. So if Hulk is to appear in the The Avengers, does that mean Edward Norton will reprise the role? Norton is staying tight lipped on the subject.

I won't comment on that, just because they [Marvel] keep a pretty tight reign on what they are letting out. I'll let them say.

The Hulk is scheduled to appear briefly in Iron Man 2 much like Tony Stark did in The Incredible Hulk. Norton is signed on to do another Hulk movie, but no word as to whether or not that means he will show up in The Avengers.


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