Halloween 3D set for Summer 2010

What do you do when you have a successful sequel to a remake? If you are Bob Weinstein, you make a sequel to a sequel of a remake. The question is, how do you make it stand out apart from the first two "masterpieces"? Why you make it in 3D of course.

The Los Angeles Times (Courtesty of SciFi Wire) has reported that Bob Weinstein will order Halloween 3D into production for a Summer 2010 release. Rob Zombie will be off working on the SECOND remake of The Blob and will not be attached to direct.

No director has been announced yet.

Seriously people. Leave well enough alone. It's time for us to stop going to all these crappy remakes and giving them money. That is how you boycott them. Just don't go on the internet and say "Well, I think it's a bad idea to see that film" then go drop your 10 bucks to walk in there and torment yourself for 90 minutes plus. It's time to show Hollywood that there are people out there with an original voice looking to get their stories told. So they don't have to keep kicking dead horses, who's corpses have already started to rot.

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