I know there are times when I am trivial when a camera breaks and needs a repair, or something silly like that.

But this time things are really tough. There is a medical bill that needs taking care of. It's not much, but it's more than what comes in. What some of you may or may not know, as a vocation I take care of my disabled mother. The medical bill that has come up may put a financal damper on that. I need to raise $265 dollars by the 30th of November or this goes further and will DEFINATELY put a damper on the care of my disabled mother. My mother is confind to a hospital bed and needs help getting everywhere she goes. She needs countless medications and specialized transport to get anywhere when she does leave the house. If further action is taken on this bill, co-payments, special diets and many other things will not be able to be met and will make the struggle that much harder.

So please, if you are reading this, anything you can donate at the bottom of the page would be appreciated. I will try to come up with some way to thank you on a grand scale, because this is something that I cannot just let slide.

I thank you in advance.



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